Rapid change impacts the needs, values and beliefs of your employees but also those of your customers... Is your organization keeping up with the People-Side of your business?

Civis is a coaltion of trusted advisors in everything human in your workplace. Our professionals provide strategy and implementation services that support people-focused leaders and teams in three core areas: your culture, your change programs and your talent management strategy.

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Full Cycle Talent Strategy
Talent Management Strategy

Assessment and optimization of core talent management activities under a cohesive framework, applied throughout the employment life cycle. This includes:

  • Identifying & Attracting Talent
  • Integration & Measurement
  • Developing Professional & Personal Competencies
  • Rewards & Retention

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Unbiased Cultural Assessments
Cultural Assessments

Our assessments are based on customized surveys, designed to provide Executive Boards, CEOs and senior leadership the insight they need on issues of culture and cultural compatibility. Standard assessments are based on quantitative data, stakeholder interviews and a multilayerd, double-analysis process. Assessment results are measurable, actionable and customized to provide a level of detail that will support any type of cultural change interventions. This includes:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Shifting/Aligning Culture to Strategy
  • Merger & Acquisitions (M&As)
  • Managing Sub-cultures
  • Optimizing Recruitment Strategies

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Transformational Change
Change Readiness

A stakeholder's engagement process with strategic components, that span across all phases of any project requiring people to accept and adopt a change. Change Management is the bridge between solutions and results, and it is fundamentally about people, and our collective role of transforming change into successful outcomes for our organizations.

Readiness for change enables organizations to:

  • Minimize project risks
  • Minimize the (natural) internal resistance to change
  • Protect the initial investment in your project(s)
  • Protect the level of engagement of your workforce
  • Shorten the time it takes to return to optimal performance

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Thank you so much for your dedication and patience, I would just like to say that your company has provided such amazing support to date it has really blown us away - seems so rare in business today.–Civis Member

[We were] Pretty impressed with the strategic mind of folks at Civis. We never knew how much of our performance issues were tied to people issues. They were able to identify the invisible roots of challenges and guide our managers on how to fix things. Absolutely some of the best consultants we have worked with.–Civis Member

Thanks again for helping me, I just want to say your level of attention to our stakeholders on preparing for difficult change and providing support was outstanding.–Civis Member

Our project was the third attempt at making a change we thought was trivial . Thanks to the people at Civis, our project was able to move forward after months of paralysis. Our leaders were given a clear line of sight to end results that mattered to them, and managers were involved in the process. We were even able to mobilize our staff to help. Great work!–Civis Member