About Us

Who We Are

Civis is a coalition of independent, trusted advisors in everything human in your workplace. The professionals who have joined the Civis platform provide complementary human capital services that support people-focused leaders and teams in three core areas:

Your culture

Culture is at the heart of every company. It sets the tone for how your people work and what matters most. We help our clients understand their culture and explore ways to take it from good to great. We support you as you create a company where people want to work and bring their best to the job everyday, for a real competitive advantage. [more...]

Your change programs

In today's fast-paced business environment, the only constraint is change. Change can be disruptive, whether it’s as small as the implementation of a new enterprise-wide information system or as large as a merger or acquisition. We apply our collective expertise to support your change from strategy through to front-line implementation. [more...]

Your talent management strategy

Skilled talent is hard, and harder to retain. Find the right people, bring them aboard effectively and manage their incredible careers with your company. We work with you to develop winning strategies for your most valuable resource. [more...]

"Our team of senior consultants get to the heart of the matter and we aren't afraid to have the tough conversations that are sometimes needed to get things done. We bring our collective expertise to your challenge and work with you to move your most difficult human projects forward. We thrive in places where others wouldn't dare to go."