Talent Management Strategy

Being People-Ready means executing on proactive strategies to have the right people, with the right skills and competencies, at the right place and at the right time...How effective is your organization at adapting to those dynamic factors?

What is Talent Management

Talent management refers to the process of developing and fostering people and culture by identifying and managing the most important aspects of the employee experience. Talent management is different from one organization to the next, involving different combinations of activities such as recruiting, onboarding, developing and retaining current employees, paying particular attention to mission-critical roles or people with high-value skills, and attracting the "right people" to work for your company. The quality of your talent management strategy is directly proportional to the strength of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Are you engaging your mission-critical talent?

How does it apply to the Employment Lifecycle

Employees build a judgement of their organization based on personal experiences. They do not differentiate between recruiting, onboarding or individual management style. Unfortunately, the different pieces of the employment lifecycleA specific succession of phases that employees and employers experience throughout their relationship. In sequence: attraction, recruitment, orientation, on boarding, development, growth and enablement, work actualization, separation and alumni. are often disconnected, creating confusion, or worse, communicating conflicting messages. When the various processes of the employment lifecycle are designed, built and executed in isolation, the results (i.e. the sum total employee experience) are difficult to anticipate. Effective talent management involves seeing the multiple phases of the employment lifecycle as a whole, driven by a common strategy and complementary objectives.

A framework based on Competency

Competencies are the specific characteristics (from personal aptitudes to hard skills) needed to drive outstanding performance in a given job, role, function or environment. Using Competency Modeling, our consultants work with you to accurately define the needs of your organization/division/group and the strategies needed to develop and foster those competences.

Our team of senior consultants works in partnership with senior leaders to develop strategies that are customized to your business landscape, organizational needs and change capacity. Full cycle talent strategies enable organizations to move away from reactive (firefighting) tactical activities and create an employee experience by design. It involves long-range planning inviting leaders to explore shared accountability for human performance and cross-functional dialogue. How can we help?

Change starts at the Top

Executive Programs & Cultural Competency Training
Civis can facilitate targeted sessions tailored to senior leadership needs. Executive solutions are often a blend of strategic alignment, senior coaching and change delivery. To learn more about executive programs and cultural competency training click here