Our Partners

Wellth Network

(403) 875-0449
PO Box 63043 Stadium RPO
Calgary, AB T2N4S5

WELLth Learning Network is a community of enthusiastic business colleagues with a passion for helping clients gain culture clarity, improve collaborate relationships and increase capacity for greatness in their groups, teams and organizations. They also appreciate the importance of consistent communication and contribution from commitment as the glue to hold clarity, collaboration and capacity together.

Managing & Leading Workshops

The company offers multi-day learning events that give the learner an opportunity to get it, to dance with the new knowledge and skills, to weave it into scenarios that are real for them so that when they return to work they have an experience to draw from as they deal with the situation they are encountering. This same kind of learning is the key ingredient manager-leaders need to add to their managing-leading mix to engage their staff. The educators point this out in their workshops so learners recognize, reflect, and develop strategies for its implementation upon returning to the workplace. Topics covered in workshops include:

  • Help Them Help YOU Manage-Lead Experiences
  • Story-Sharing to Encourage Action
  • Incidental Learning
  • Enthusiastic Communication from Commitment
  • Conscious Listening